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Join Naja Elon for an online artist talk.

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Makers Among Us

Makers Among Us features the work of young, emerging visual artists living in the Washington, DC metro area. The exhibit highlights the freedom, imperfections, creativity, and unique perspectives of artists who are just beginning their artistic careers, and who do not necessarily have years of experience and formal training under their belts. Makers Among Us provides a platform for contemporary artists who have had limited opportunities to share their work with the public and space for audiences to discover new talent and perspectives.

The individual artists are driven to create but also to share their work with you, the viewer. Their art is not only a vehicle for self-expression but also an avenue to communicate with audiences across generations and other perceived boundaries.

The exhibit features works by Connor Czora, Hannah Becker, Dew Charmant, Mariah Gugel, Grace Roach, Daria Parsa, Naja Elon Webb, and Gabi Mendick.

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Event Dates: October 9, 2020 - November 23, 2020

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